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Statement of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) on the Situation in Gaza Strip
          The NHRCT has been following the situation in Gaza and is deeply concerned about the prolonged violence, which has resulted in the loss of life of over ten thousand civilians, especially women and children, the displacement of more than one million people, and the continued cutting off of badly needed humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people there.

          The NHRCT urgently calls upon all relevant parties to address the human rights situation in Gaza Strip. Immediate ceasefires and unobstructed entry of humanitarian aid are necessary to protect civilians and provide essential supplies to the affected population. 

          It is imperative that all parties adhere to the international humanitarian law and ensure humane treatment of civilians, including those no longer participating in the hostilities, and an impartial investigation into alleged abuses be conducted to hold accountable those committing acts in contravention of applicable Geneva Conventions.

          The NHRCT reiterates that the human rights of civilians must be protected in time of conflict and a peaceful solution will soon be reached to end the cycle of violence against the people of Gaza.  
National Human Rights Commission of Thailand
17 November 2023

Download documents at: 17-11-66-(EN)-แถลงการณ์-กสม-สถานการณ์ฉนวนกาซา-(2).pdf


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