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"To be an independent that contributes to foster a society that respects hument rights. value and dignity of human beings" .

“Taking a proactive approach – forging link with all key stakeholders – building up human rights-based society with due respect on human values and dignity”
The National Human Right Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) Strategic Roadmap for 2023 – 2027 

Ultimate goal
      Awareness of and respect for human rights in Thai society. Vision Forging the culture of human rights respect through synergy and cooperation with all stakeholders.

      1. The development of human rights index.
      2. Increased people’s awareness of human rights.
      3. Increased number of organizations adopting human rights practices.
      4. Increased rate of human rights protection cases completed within the standard timeframe.

      1. Examine and report correct facts in all cases of human rights violation without delay and recommend appropriate measures or guidelines for the prevention or redress of human rights violation to related state or private entities, including the provision of remedy to the person affected by the violation of human rights.
      2. Monitor the country’s human rights situation on a regular basis.
      3. Recommend ways to promote and protect human rights in a systematic manner.
      4. Coordinate efforts among all sectors, domestic and international, in raising awareness of human rights.

Detail of Strategic Roadmap for 2023 – 2027 (Click here)

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