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NHRCT Work View : 290
Complaint to impeach Commissioner Angkhana Neelapaijit of NHRCT
Complaint to impeach Commissioner Angkhana Neelapaijit of NHRCT
            Due to a complaint asking the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) to conduct a disciplinary inquiry of Commissioner Angkhana Neelapaijit as a result of comments made by Mr. Tuang Anthachai, a member of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), and a complaint of Mr. Surawat Sangkharuek from the People Politics Group,please be informed the following:
            (1) This issue stemmed from an incident on Wednesday, 17 April 2019 when Mr. Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, the Future Forward Political Party’s secretary-general and an expected-to-be a member of the House of Representatives from party list (who graduated with doctoral degree in law from France and was a former lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, which is the leading State university in Thailand) was summoned to hear the charges at the Technological Crime Suppression Division, where Commissioner Angkhana also attended during the investigation.
            (2) On 18 April 2019, Mr. Surawat Sangkharuek of the People Politics Group, submitted a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand asking to examine whether or not Commissioner Angkhana’s conduct is in violation of the laws.If she is found guilty, she should be relieved from her duties.
            (3) At the Commission’s meeting on Tuesday, 30 April 2019, the meeting considered whether or not this issue shall be forwarded to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) for further proceedings, upon receipt of Commissioner Angkhana’s clarification. Commissioner Angkhana gave a verbal statement in the meeting and later submitted her written clarification on 13 May 2019.
            (4) ) According to the 2017 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and relevant laws, the NHRCT’s performance of duties and exercise of powers shall be honest, just, courageous, and without any partiality in exercising its discretion. The NHRCT’s conduct shall be politically impartial and in line with the Ethical Standards specifying core values of justice, independence, impartiality, and without prejudice.
            An inquiry to impeach commissioner of NHRCT is not within the NHRCT’s authority. It is the duty and power of the NACC. In case the NACC considers the issue as well-grounded, it is the power of NACC to submit Commissioner Angkhana’s matter to the Supreme Court for decision.
            (5) Upon receiving Commissioner Angkhana’s written statement, the NHRCT meeting on 21 May 2019 resolved, by majority vote, not to forward Mr. Surawat Sangkharuek’s complaint to the NACC for further proceedings.
            The NHRCT’s consideration regarding a complaint against Commissioner Angkhana, therefore, was not a disciplinary inquiry as reported.
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