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NHRCT Work View : 86
The NHRCT expresses concerns over the upcoming political demonstrations on 14 October 2020, requesting all parties to uphold relevant human rights principles. 3 channels to report human rights violations to the Office are made available.
          On 12 October 2020, Mrs. Prakairatana Thontiravong, Acting Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT), expressed concerns over the upcoming demonstration on 14 October 2020, as the series of demonstrations over past several months, by groups of people including school and university students to express political demands as well as to request for educational reform and solution regarding human rights violations in educational institutions, led to different opinions in the society. While exercising their freedoms of expression, the demonstration might increase tensions and risk of human rights violations as happened in the past.
          “The NHRCT has continuing concern over the demonstrations, thus appointing a working group to monitor the situations as well as assigning high-level officials of the Office to closely observe situation on the ground in order to gather factual information in all aspects regarding human rights. In addition, the NHRCT has called on the government, relevant agencies, demonstration organizers, demonstrators, students, all parties and the media to be aware of human rights principles as well as international law and practices related to freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression”, the Acting Chairperson said.
          “The NHRCT firmly urges all parties to seriously and sincerely uphold human rights principles and exercise the utmost restraint and tolerance. Lessons-learned from the past events should be taken into account in order to find way forward under the principle of “seeking common grounds and reserving differences” and in accordance with peaceful means and social responsibility under the democratic society. If there is a need to report any incidence of human rights violation, the NHRCT can be reached by hotline number 1377 (24 hours). Alternatively, the report can be submitted via e-mail to or in person at the Office of the NHRCT, 6th floor, Rattaprasasanabhakti Building, the Government Complex. Office of the National Human Rights Commission” said Mrs. Thontiravong.


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