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"To be an independent that contributes to foster a society that respects hument rights. value and dignity of human beings" .

“Taking a proactive approach – forging link with all key stakeholders – building up human rights-based society with due respect on human values and dignity”

NHRCT’s Direction for 2011 – 2016

        1. SYNERGY: The essence of human rights is the due respect to the valuable of human beings. To ensure a sustained human rights society needs to create a culture of mutual respect and to uphold human rights and social values in daily life. Human rights violations will be reduced or even dispersed while justice and peace be prevailed. Therefore, the key direction of NHRCT is to forge all social forces to jointly create human rights culture in Thai society.

        2. Human Rights is a broadly multiple dimensional concern. While NHRCT has limited resources such as workforce, financial, knowledge and capability, to ensure achievement, the NHRCT needs to involve all social forces such as the actors in the governmental sector, non-governmental organizations, civil society, private sector, academic institutions, religious institutions, political institutions, and general public to participate in the process of creating human rights culture. Therefore, NHRCT will enhance them and provide opportunity to support and collaborate with Office of the National Human Rights Commission as much as possible.

        3. Under the limited resources, priority setting is necessary. Therefore, NHRCT has to take up those significant and urgent issues based on human rights assessment. For instances, current political situation, continued violence in the deep south provinces, children rights, women rights, and the rights of those vulnerable or marginalized groups which subject to be ill and unjust treated. Moreover, the concern on the right to fair trial, community rights and right to management of over natural resources, right to health and well-being, human rights and social responsibility of business sectors are also being highlighted.

        4. Pro-active Strategy: NHRCT needs to set up and strengthen the well-functioning Office to fulfil the mission effectively. The pro-active strategy will ensure the right direction of the work so that the ultimate outcome and positive social impact will be fully accomplished.

        5. Good Governance and Management: NHRCT needs to improve its function with the good management and governance. Therefore, the adjustment of designed structure on human resources, procedures, system, operation rules, and the like to be able to handle and strengthen the capacity of the secretarial office. Alter the ‘bureaucratic way’ into a well organize, efficient and effective institution. Create a friendly atmosphere at work of all staff, enhance mutual respect and promote Human Rights culture. Inspiration and satisfaction for all are essential in implementing human rights work.

        6. Social and Culture: Some are compatible with the traditional social value while some are not. That’s the reason why the tool for social communication and also aiming to change the attitude and behavior of the peoples in the society such as public interaction communication and the social marketing.

        7. Concrete Action: Besides the policy advocacy work which is always regarded as a vague or abstract, NHRCT should take up the concrete issues as well. So that the general public can observe and appreciate the concrete outcome and something tangible. So to gain some trust on the common effort in emerging a human rights society.

        8. Human Rights are multi-dimensional concern, interdependence of political, economic, social, education, culture, religion, natural resources, environment, occupation, policy, laws, gender, ages, race and ethnicity, marginalized, and new information technology. The work of NHRCT, therefore, has to be broad and covered various aspects.

        9. Globalization Era with the fully equipped, efficient, and speedy communication. Human Rights at local and global levels are co-related and mutual influent. Therefore, the synergy of all efforts both nationally and globally based on the standard guided by international human rights obligation is the key towards a success.

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